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GPU Accelerated Deep Learning also Wanted for .NET

We took the chance and did a second Channel 9 recording on our GPU accelerated Machine Learning project in the Microsoft offices at Time Square New York City. It was a great experience to do the recording with Seth Juarez. Many thanks Seth!

There exist already several deep learning libraries but none of them targets .NET. Alea TK is a new open source project that aims to develop a complete GPU accelerated deep learning stack for .NET. It is built on top of Alea GPU and is designed from ground up to be GPU accelerated, easy to extend and to deploy. It is in an early phase. Contributors and developers are welcome! The recording explains why we started the project and what we plan to do with it in the future.

Check out Alea TK on our project web site and on GitHub.


A new Deep Learning Stack for .NET


I gave a talk at GTC Europe 2016 in Amsterdam about our new open source project Alea TK.

Alea TK is a library for general purpose numerical computing and Deep Learning based on tensors and tensor expressions supporting imperative calculations as well as symbolic calculations with auto-differentiation. It is designed from ground up with CUDA acceleration in mind. It is easy to extend, install and deploy and is perfectly suited for rapid prototyping and new model development. Alea TK is built entirely in .NET and C#. It relies on the Alea GPU compiler and uses NVIDIA’s cuDNN library to accelerate many standard deep neural networks primitives.

Alea TK is still a young project. I explained the main design principles and presented the framework, with a particular focus on GPU kernel fusion technology.

Check out the slides and our poster.