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Alea GPU 2.1 Released

Not too long ago we released the new Alea GPU 2.0 release, which was a major step forward for GPU computing on .NET. Today we can announce Alea GPU 2.1. It is a maintenance release but also brings some new interesting features.

First of all Alea GPU 2.1 has integrated cuDNN, a GPU-accelerated library of primitives for deep neural networks, which are very much in vogue these days.

The new version also supports printing from GPU kernels, either with printf/printfn in F# or Console.Write/Console.WriteLine in C# based GPU kernels. This is a very handy tool for quickly debugging GPU kernels or understand them more thoroughly.

Also important is supporting IntPtr in malloc and int64 indexing, which allows to address device memory beyond the 4GB boundary.

Finally, some experts requested support for atomicCAS and __shfl_xor. Unfortunately atomicCAS has an issue on Linux which could not be resolved in time. We hope it will be fixed with the upgrade to CUDA 7.5, which will be released this summer.

The Alea Tutorial will be updated soon as well with some examples how to use cuDNN directly with Alea GPU.


Alea GPU 2.0 Final Release

In Feburary 2015 we made the release candidate of Alea GPU 2.0 available.

Just in time for GTC 2015 we released the final Alea GPU on

Alea GPU is a professional cross-platform GPU development environment for .NET.

  • Supports all .NET languages, including C#, F# and VB
  • Improves developer productivity with first class tooling for coding, debugging and profiling, fully integrated in Visual Studio™
  • Reduces development time with pre-fabricated GPU algorithms and libraries
  • Increases agility with GPU scripting and a REPL in Visual Studio™ for rapid prototyping of GPU code

With Alea GPU the .NET framework can be used as a cross platform technology for the CPU and GPU code base.

  • Runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
  • Single code base for multiple platforms – build once and run on any platform supporting either .NET or Mono
  • Simplified deployment because generated assemblies are binary compatible for all platforms

Alea.cuBase 1.0.401 released

Alea.cuBase 1.0.401 is released and can be downloaded from our web page.

Alternatively you can get it as a NuGet package on

In this release we change the product name from Alea.CUDA to Alea.cuBase in order conform to existing trademarks. The new name also reflects the fact that Alea.cuBase is a base technology on which you can build your own GPU accelerated .NET applications.

The new release also improves the kernel launch time.