Alea.cuBase 1.3 Released

We are very pleased to announce the long awaited new version 1.3 of Alea.cuBase. This new version is a major step adding full support for debugging and several new features.

  • Debug support with Visual Nsight. To prepare your GPU code for debug with Visual Nsight you have to
    • Compile the kernel quotations with the fsc option –quotations-debug
    • Compile the template with diagnostics options
  • Improved support for profiling, including source code correlation at the single line of code
  • Representing C style unions with .NET structs
  • Support F# discriminated union, by using DiscriminatedUnionAttribute builder; note that the cases cannot contains function values
  • Compile a function to a device function by adding both ReflectedDefinition and DeviceFunction attribute to a function
  • A blob type that can handle “lazy” style memory allocation
  • Various bug fixings and improvements
  • Significantly improved API documentation

Alea.cuBase 1.3 is available on the NuGet.