Why we Built Alea GPU

GPUs are everywhere, in desktops, servers, game consoles, mobile and embedded devices. Similarly the .NET technology, with the new open source strategy of Microsoft is gaining more and more momentum and becomes the platform of choice for new applications targeting multiple devices.

We at QuantAlea came to the conclusion that we want to extend our existing F# to GPU compiler, so that it can handle any .NET language and becomes fully cross platform compatible.

Today, after more than a year of intense development we are very pleased to announce our new GPU development environment for .NET, which we launch under the new product brand Alea GPU. Alea GPU is the first professional cross-platform GPU development environment for .NET.

  • Supports all .NET languages, including C#, F# and VB
  • Improves developer productivity with first class tooling for coding, debugging and profiling, fully integrated in Visual Studio™
  • Reduces development time with pre-fabricated GPU algorithms and libraries
  • Increases agility with GPU scripting and a REPL in Visual Studio™ for rapid prototyping of GPU code

With Alea GPU the .NET framework can be used as a cross platform technology for the CPU and GPU code base.

  • Runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
  • Single code base for multiple platforms – build once and run on any platform supporting either .NET or Mono
  • Simplified deployment because generated assemblies are binary compatible for all platforms

We extended the documentation significantly

  • The new tutorial is now available on GitHub and contains many more examples, written in C#, F# and some in VB
  • The manual reflects the extensions required for other .NET languages such as C# or VB

Alea GPU has its roots in the F# GPU compiler Alea.cuBase 1.3, which will not be developed any further because it is fully superseded by Alea GPU V2.